Unlock Your inner Why with color

Unlock Your inner Why with color

Are you ready to tell your story in your planners or journals? I want to tell a story that has a deeper meaning and allow a sense of creative positivity in my planning system.  I wanted a sense of connection when planning and journaling my life. I decided to create positivity all around me even in my planners and journals. I am becoming who I am through every sticker I add to my planner. I decided to add a lot of color to my collections now.  My WHY will tell you the reason.
I realized that certain color has the ability to motivate and empower me to take action and also bring healing energy to my life. Colors are a powerful communication tool.
Every color influence our thinking, impact our moods and inspires us. Let's think about this for a minute. What colors do you think of that can affect these three influences. For example: light blue can has a more calmer effect while darker shades of blue can make you feel lonely. When I think about this, I think about walking into my kids doctor's office. It's light blue in color. I recently paid attention to how I was feeling walking into the building.  It felt so relax. 
I am unlocking a new level in my environment. I am changing my house to reflect this new level.  I am changing my wardrobe to reflect this as well.  I want to have a sense of connection in every part of my life.  
Every color tells a story...What is the story that you like to tell about yourself? Create it in your planner or journal. Also create this in your environment.
Much Love
Anika Chestnut
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So true and effective. I love the study of color.

Dana Randle

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