Tips to Help with Decorative Planning

Tips to Help with Decorative Planning

When I started planning at a younger age, I did not use stickers. I wrote down my schedule on a monthly calendar.  Later in life, I started watching YouTube video on planning. I never thought I would begin to use stickers at my age. I realized it is not an age thing. I started using stickers and planning at the lowest point in my life. it saved me from the stress that I was feeling. I was depressed and didn't know what to do. Decorative planning is my relax time. It helped me give my life purpose. Sometimes, it is hard to explain why I love decorative planning so much. I just do.

I want to give you some tips to decorate your planner:

1. Stick to a color theme.  Find sticker kits that has a theme. For example, the shades of color daily kits are a perfect solution or our 4-page sticker kits on my website.  Check them out

2.  Make it cohesive

3. Add your favorite quote or affirmation sticker....We have so many to offer on our website.

4. Find a sticker kit that fits your style. We have different styles to offer you,

5. Add your favorite doll stickers from our website

6. Be creative and have fun.

I hope this help you in becoming a decorative planner. You will love every minute of it.

Let me know in the comments if you like to decorate plan and why...... I love to hear from you.


Much love



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