The Art Of Becoming: Different Types of Stickers

The Art Of Becoming: Different Types of Stickers

Hello, Kreative Stars,
Let's talk about the different types of stickers for your planners and your journals.
Did you know that stickers are a great way to capture moments in time and are conversation starters?
We have so many different types of stickers that can help us along the journey of capturing these moments and starting a conversation with others. Here are some examples of different types of Stickers.....
  • Icon Stickers
  • Functional Stickers
  • Color-coded Stickers
  • Date Dot Stickers
  • Decorative Sticker (my favorite)
  • Holiday/Seasonal Stickers
  • Inspirational/Motivational Sticker (my favorite)
  • Flags
  • and so many more
We are taking a quantum leap through our planning and journaling each day. Our stickers make us feel like a part of something new and bigger than ourselves. Stickers allow us to showcase our personalities and describe who we are as individuals. 
For the last 9 days. I have filmed YouTube videos capturing these moments in time. Please check out these videos here  
Dig deep within and Grab your stickers in the Kloset to create a moment in time
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You keep inspiring me! We first met in COVID and I’ve seen all your progress. Love it ALL! Keep up the hard work! 😍

Annette S.

I can’t wait to get sticker kits, monthly kits and daily kits.

Sandra Atueyi

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