Restart My Life

Restart My Life

In the last couple of days, I felt so unbalanced. I didn't feel like myself. I began to reflect on what was triggering this feeling.  I realized I was concentrating on everybody else and not focusing on myself and my self-development.  I did not get up with the same intention. I wasn't focused.  I did not wake up reading, planning, or listening to my morning motivational podcast. So here I am again, starting over this morning. But, guess what?  It is okay.  I will not beat myself up. 

Starting over can be a refreshing experience. Over the weekend, I decided to purchase some planning supplies. I purchase 3 new planners (daily, subject planner, and weekly planner). I also purchased a deck calendar. I am going back to the basics of my planning.  I realized I missed the way I used to plan. I feel so productive and balanced already.

I am making peace with my imperfection and starting to live.  I realized that I needed to find joy in my unbalanced life.

I am using these steps to help me with restarting my life:

--Be more grateful for my life

--Reflect on my current situation

--Decided my approach for today, this week, and the rest of my life

--Get rid of things and people that are weighing me down

--Let go of thoughts and feelings that are also weighing me down

I am perfectly imperfect because my imperfection is beauty.

Much love


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That was so encouraging, you are so correct I have been praying about what I’m missing and where did I get off focus so we both are getting back to the basics love your energy thank you

La’Lisa Pugh

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