My Current Planning System was not working

My Current Planning System was not working

Over the last few months, I could not find a groove in my current planning system.  I started with several planners but only used one. I used a daily planner by my friend and classmate Susan Hyatt created.  She is a master Certified Life & Business Coach.  Her planner is a daily planner called “GO Time”.  I loved this planner and still use it.  However, I realized that I was missing something. I wanted to go back to my old planning system. I needed a change.  So much has happened over the last 4 months, and I needed to get my life back in order.  I have been all over the place in my planning system.  I felt out of control. I decided in September, I had to restart my life.  I am getting control.

I realized that having a planning system that works for me will help me alleviate the stress I was feeling.  In my planning system, I incorporated so many planners that I love into one planner.

Here is what I did:

1.       I created routines in my planner

2.       I evaluated my time

3.       I decided which planner I would use for each section

4.       I wanted a planner that creates the best use of my time and energy

Remember this … a planner is a system, or a tool used to help you keep track of your daily life. There is no right or wrong way to plan or find a planning system.  I decided to do what worked for me.  I love paper planners, and this is what I stick to.

Always remember, do what feels right for you when it comes to your planning system. You know what is best....

Much love,


I will reveal my planning system on my YouTube Channel on Monday, September 26, 2022.  I will post when it is ready to watch on my private Facebook community page.

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Thank you for this blog post. This has really hit home for me. Before I joined all the planner groups. I knew what I wanted and created a planner that fit my life perfectly fine. Now I’m all over the place and that makes me unsettled. Going back to what brought me peace—my own frankenplanner!💕💕

Yulonda Thomas

Talk about timing! God knows what we need and he is so gracious to provide it through his people. I too have many planners, one I use everyday and the others sporadically 😏. So I look forward to your reveal to get ideas for my planning system. I find I must routines to flow as well. Thanks for sharing your journey 😊.

Denise C Edwards

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