Free to be Me

Free to be Me

Do we live in a society where we want to be what we see on social media? Is Free to be Me a myth or something that you dummy down who you are for someone else?

These are great questions to ask yourself. Are you ready to break the cycle of not living up to your full potential? I AM. I am breaking free.

I have learned over the years that I can't please everyone……so why try? You are only hurting yourself in the long run. All we need to do is stick to who we are and be free. WEAR it ON YOUR SLEEVE!!!  Be proud of who you have become. Live your life unapologetic. 

Remember, you are the only YOU out there in society. So be the best you can be.

I found this song written by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes: To Be Free to be who we are

I listened to this song over and over in the last few hours. It resonated in my spirit.  It was liberating for me to find this song. Check out the song on Youtube. Here is the link:

Here are some of the lyrics:

This song deals with freedom as it's supposed to be
Just one, just a minute of your time
To listen to one thing that I have to say

You can be anything and everything you wanna be
You can see anything and everything you wanna see
You can go anywhere and everywhere you wanna go
You can know anything and everything you wanna know

But it all depends on you, yes it does
Anything you wanna do, 'cause a long time ago
God made us to be (He made us one by one, yeah)
Anything we wanna be (He said)
To be free to be who we are (well)
To be free to be who we are
To be free to be who we are
It's a blessin' to us all
Sent down from the almighty, yeah, yeah yeah

Much love


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