9 ways to help you stay focused

9 ways to help you stay focused

9 ways to help you stay focused
Do you struggle with staying focused on your goals or the tasks at hand?  Do you want to master the art of staying focused?
I know I do. I find myself drifting off in my thoughts when someone is talking to me. I know I am not alone. There are so many things that try to distract us from reaching our goals.  
There are many strategies to help you stay focused; however, I am giving you 9 strategies to start you on your journey.
1. Get plenty of rest: a good amount of sleep helps you think clearly
2. Listen to a motivating podcast/music in the background helps you stay focused on the task at hand
3. Meditating helps manage your emotions. Helps you bounce back from distractions
4. Eliminate distractions will help you be more productive
5. Don't multitask: it takes away from your focus.
6. Take a break increases our productivity
7. ABC Method (Aware, Breathe, and Choose): when distraction creeps up. Be aware of the distraction
Breathe and choose your options
8. Live in the moment helps you appreciate where you are: focus on the now
9. Go for a walk/Exercise improves our focus and performance
The time is now to prevent distraction. don't get distracted by the noise. Stay focused on the task at hand.
Much Love
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This blog really helped me realize that I do not have to multitask. In attempting to do that, I never made progress and stayed in the same place. I will try to Incorporate these 9 tips into my routine and see how things change. Thank you! :)


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